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PSX-1200 : 100 WATTS • PA Powered Speaker System
  • PSX-1200 has a built-in Power Amplifier with multiple inputs for use in a wide variety of PA and Musical Instrument Programmes. Feature packed PSX-1200 is an ideal equipment for small as well as large gathering of around 200 people. Music and Vocal Performances, Conferences and Lectures, Presentations, Religious Discourses and Gatherings, Stage Monitors, Touring PA, Mini-Theaters, Pubs and Bars etc.
  • 3 Microphone Inputs.
  • Inputs for CD & Aux sources.
  • 1 Keyboard Stereo Input with separate High & Low sensitivities.
  • Send/return for connecting an Effects Processor.
  • 2-Way Speaker System 12 Full Range Speaker + Piezo Horn.