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SSA-10000 : 1000 WATTS • AC & 48V DC Operation
  • SSA-10000 is a multi application high Power PA Amplifier capable of delivering 1000 Watts, ideal for driving high power sub-woofers as well as large PA Installations involving large number of speakers. This amplifier is designed to give high power, clean sound and reliable, trouble free operation under extreme climatic & weather conditions. Features include 8 microphone and 4 aux inputs (one of which is through RCA jacks and specially meant for CD/DVD Players). In addition resettable circuit protector, 10dB Cut/Boost Bass/Treble controls and AC/48V battery operation are provided.
  • 8 Mic & 4 Aux Inputs.
  • AUX-4 input is through RCA Socket, specially for connecting CD/DVD Player.
  • Line Input & Output provided for connecting to a Mixer and Booster Amplifier respectively. Preamplifier output for recording.
  • Cut-boost type Bass/Treble controls.
  • Box Speaker/Driver Unit selector switch. Bass boost can be defeated at Driver Unit position for safer operation of driver units.
  • Instant transfer to DC power (Car Battery) if AC power fails.
  • 10 LED Bar Graph Signal Level Display.